50 Shades Book & DUKU COMBO


R 300.00 R 350.00

Grab your Hard cover copy of 50 Shades of Duku and ANY DUKU of your choice and enjoy a tantalizing Duku Affair...

Head wrapping is an art as old as time and often these days it is considered a bit old fashioned. Well, before you assume that myth we are here to show you 50 different ways of wearing your "duku" (Headwrap) in this jam packed tutorial book. (No more Youtube videos eli qeda iData)

We break down each of the 50 styles into simple steps from the easiest to the most complex of designs. Our mothers and grandmothers have had so much fun with their head wrap designs in the past, now it's our turn.

*** Specify doek colour you want in the notes*** or email customer@taji.co.za