~ Fit for Royalty ~
~ Fit for Royalty ~
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Why Taji?

Taji is a Swahili word that means “crown”. We believe that as Africans we are Kings and Queens and our hair is truly our crowning glory even though for the longest time African hair has been despised in it’s kinky, curly natural state and for decades we have flocked to relaxers, dangerous chemical’s and reckless hair practices to straighten and hide our natural hair. Taji seeks to change the perception of African hair by celebrating its beauty consistently and creating products and services that make taking care of African hair a luxurious experience.

Taji is a dream that was born from a small tub of shea butter that a young African woman shared with her community and after seeing the results that they enjoyed of bouncy, well nourished hair and smooth, glowing skin she decided to build an empire on that.

Our flagship product, Taji Shea Butter Crème, is the hardest working in the range taking care of all your hair and skincare needs.